See even the bad guys can get jobs, and good ones! Apple is in the market for someone capable of hacking into the iPhone.

According to this job listing, the company is looking for an iPhone Security Engineer capable of, among other things, developing “proof of concept” attacks on the device’s current security mechanisms.

The successful candidate will be tasked primarily with validating the security architecture for the iPhone.

Some responsibilities:

* Review and provide feedback on security mechanisms implemented in OS X
* Provide risk analysis of potential security threats to our embedded products
* Develop “proof of concept” attacks on the current security mechanisms
* Come up with new and innovative ways of increasing security while preserving ease-of-use and increasing the quality of the end-user experience.
* Work cooperatively with other parts of CoreOS on cross-functional technologies and initiatives to enhance security and security policies

The title for this position will be “Apple Hacker”