It is a very challenging task to gain new fans and more plays on Spotify as an independent artist. If you are an independent artist and your best track has stuck on less than 1000 plays or you have not the substantial fan base on your Spotify account, this post is for you. Although most of the artist buy Spotify followers to gain followers and plays their habits make them successful. Here, we will discuss the habits you need to develop if you want to get more Spotify followers:

  • Get your track featured on Spotify playlist,
  • Grow your following and Spotify plays
  • Become A-list artist on Spotify

However, there is no magic formula to make you a bigger independent artist overnight but these tips will surely help push you in the right direction.

They Make Great ‘Spotify-Friendly’ Music:

Now, the first question comes in your mind that what does Spotify-Friendly music mean? Actually, it is not an easy question to give a simple answer but according to research that the cohesion between the soundtracks that perform best on this music streaming platform. Most of the soundtracks that feature on Spotify playlists are 4.5 minutes in length. On Spotify, vocal tracks perform better than rather than instrumentals tracks except for meditation music.

They Submit Music To Spotify Playlists:

In Past, it has been a tough job for curators to submit their music to Spotify playlist but now this is getting easier as a lot of sites are providing such services where an independent artist can submit their music to Spotify playlist. Successful artists’ tracks are featured on Spotify playlists that let them reach the widest audience and collaborate with influencers. Spotify algorithm picks up the tracks from independent playlists and these tracks feature on Spotify playlist like Discover weekly. If your music gets a feature on official playlists then music bloggers, influencers and radio presenter will support you while discovering good music that increases the plays and new fans on Spotify with buying Spotify plays.

Know more about your audience:

Monitor your growth using Spotify for artists or some other analytics tools and make it your habit to know more about your fans. Make a good marketing strategy that suits with the habits and music taste of your audience. The more you better understand your fans, the more you get success on Spotify.

Become a Curator: 

A lot of artists is creating their own playlist on Spotify that is a key thing when it comes to going to the next level being an artist. Having your own branded playlist means you can share whatever you want with your fans. Even you can also share the song of other artists which became your inspiration to start your music career. When your playlist will grow, you can exchange playlist spots with your other artists and industry peers.

Bottom Line:

People always judge your music with the number that means how many fans and plays you have on Spotify. So buying Spotify plays is always a great tip to shoot up your number game. Also, stick to your schedule, release good music and engage with your fans. Happy streaming!

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