Yahoo! at one time the king of search and email, but those days are long gone. The recent executive changes at the top have made no difference. Yahoo continues to struggle and for more than just popularity among users, but functionality. Lately, the problems have escalated to the point that Yahoo has lost control of the issues at hand. Today, try loading email or moving around your email inbox, it takes forever or it does nothing. Yahoo needs to get back that swagger it once had, but for now just fix the problems with the site!Yahoo Fail

As of this writing, Yahoo email is still crawling like a snail and you can’t move emails to folders, download attachments or load the financial page. I browsed around Yahoo and didn’t see any news about an issue since 7:00 AM Central Time when the problem started.

Yahoo also needs to moderate their comment section for all their blogs and news articles. I have seen so much spam about dating services and products that it really distracts users from those comments that provide opinion and commentary. Does Yahoo even care about who’s gaming their site? This has been an ongoing issue for years and it looks like Yahoo is the new playground for blackhat SEO and unethical marketing.

What’s with the biased sports writers? You can love your team, but to bash teams you don’t like all the time will push fans away. This has been common practice with a couple of writers (not mentioning names). A writer should be neutral and write for the target audience. Put it this way, if it wasn’t for the New York sports teams, Yahoo sports writers would have little to write about.

What disturbed me this past year was when Yahoo removed site explorer. Why? It was a great tool for measuring marketing effectiveness. To many marketing professionals and web site owners it was a great tool.

My rant of the day!

Posted 4 hours after this blog was published came some bad news for Yahoo – Four Yahoo! board members including chairman leaving