If you are a gamer, it is worth investing in a quality gaming PC. You may notice that when you try and play games on your current model that the games are slow and sometimes break-down. The point is that the machine you are using is not specifically for games. It may not have the power or the memory to support the latest games. Much of the time, people think that they only need one PC. That is not true. If you have a PC for work, you should avoid playing computer games on it. Computer games drain the memory of a PC and make it run slower than it should. If you start downloading loads of games onto your computer, you will soon find that your PC becomes slow and hard to use. Instead, you should have separate PCs for working and gaming.

Understanding the difference between a gaming PC and a normal PC is easy. Gaming PCs have a few upgrades that make them superior to normal PCs. If you are serious about gaming, you need to make sure that you have the right machine for the job.


Credit: Vernon Chan

What does a normal PC do?

A normal PC serves many basic functions. If you want to browse the internet, do simple tasks and save documents, a normal PC is fine. These machines are not powerful, but most people don’t need a powerful computer. If you are using a PC for work or just for internet shopping, you don’t need to worry too much about which computer you get. Get something with a good level of memory so that your computer will be speedy. Make sure that you choose a computer that suits your needs. If you are a writer, you can get away with a standard machine and don’t need to worry too much about upgrades. If you are a designer, you should make sure that you have a good graphics card so that the machine can handle the work you do.

Should you use a gaming PC for anything else?

When you invest in a gaming computer, you have to use it well. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their computer is multi-purpose. When you buy a powerful gaming machine, such as a Chillblast, you should only use it for gaming. You will have spent thousands of dollars on your machine, and so you need to use it for its sole purpose.

Liquid cooling systems

One of the main problems of using a normal computer for gaming is that it often overheats. Normal computers tend to have small fan systems to cool themselves, but it is not enough. When you are gaming on a computer, you may have your machine on for hours and hours. During this time, the computer will likely overheat. A normal fan system will not cool your computer down as much as it needs to. That is why many normal computers shut-down during gaming. New gaming computers use liquid cooling systems that help to keep the machine cool all the time. These systems are standard in the newest, gaming computers, but make sure you ask about them before you buy a new PC.


Memory is important in all computers. When you buy a computer, you need to ensure that you tailor the memory to suit your needs. Again, if you are only going to use your computer for internet browsing, you don’t need a lot of memory. If you are going to use your computer as a gaming computer, though, you need to make sure that you have a high level of data storage. When you don’t have enough memory to support certain computer games, your computer will not be able to handle them. That means that the game might run slow or even shut-down unexpectedly. You need to make sure that the gaming computer you get suits your needs. Ask about RAM when you are buying a computer. The higher the RAM of a computer, the faster the machine will be when you are gaming.

Battery life

If you plan on playing computer games for an extended period, you need to ensure that your gaming computer has a long battery life. Many modern games, take a long time to complete. If you plan on attending conventions, you need to ensure that your computer has power throughout the event. The average laptop has around four to six hours of battery life. The average gaming laptop has about ten to fourteen hours of battery life. You can ask about the battery life before you buy a computer. Ensuring that you can play games for longer is vital if you take gaming seriously. For a good gaming laptop, you can consider Razer, which is the premium brand for gaming laptops.

High-end graphics card

A few years ago, it didn’t matter too much about the graphics card. Games were pretty basic, and so most computer games could run on an average PC. Now, the world of computer gaming has changed forever. The latest games, such as Far Cry 4 and any Assassin’s games, have incredible graphics. These games are more-advanced than games of the past. The graphics and level of intricate detail in each game offers a life-like world when you are playing. You need to make sure that you have a high-end graphics card so that it can support high-quality games. You can’t appreciate high-definition games if you don’t have a quality graphics card.

Fast processors

When it comes to gaming, it is all about speed. If your computer is running slow, you will never enjoy a game as much as you should. It can be super frustrating when you are in the middle of a game, and your computer starts running slower than it should. Ensuring that you have the fastest processors on the market will mean that you can enjoy hours of gaming. When you are looking for a quality machine, you need to ensure that you ask about the processor. Make sure that you are clear about your computing needs. When the sales assistant knows that you need a gaming computer, they should suggest a machine that will suit you.