The role of accountants is evolving and the simple bean counter is dead or dying. Accountants are now called on to do far more than their regular duties; they are also expected to educate clients and provide solid, data-driven business advice.

The changing role of accountants has been driven by changing expectations of clients. As a result, the demand for accounting solutions and software that allows accountants to monitor their practices and improve their services has increased. Los Angeles-based enterprise, FloQast, recognizes this need and now provides accountants with an intuitive month-end closing software solution; FloQast – The Accountant’s Dream.

Created by accountants for accountants, these guys have first-hand experience in the field and have therefore designed software that will help accountants close the books faster than ever. CEO and founder of FloQast, Mike Whitmire, realized there were a number of inefficiencies and repetitive processes that could be automated using software.

With FloQast, there’s no need to worry about setting up a whole new system. It uses cloud software that works with Microsoft Excel to connect to your existing system meaning all the applications you’re currently using will be incorporated into a more efficient system without any disruption.

“As accountants, we understand that Excel is loved by our industry,” Whitmire says. “FloQast allows our clients to continue working with Excel while also linking to the ERP to automate the tie-out and reconciliation process. As a result, we’re able to offer the perfect mix of flexibility and control to truly accelerate the month-end close.”

The transition to FloQast is made even easier by its user-friendly interface which will feel familiar and easy. Its intuitive dashboard shows you immediately what’s been done and by who making it easier to resolve and track down any problems as and when they arise.

FloQast’s standardized folder structure further highlights any problems or irregularities within the system. If something doesn’t tie up, it will alert you and take you straight to the item requirement.

The system is secure, completely backed up on the cloud and can be accessed at any time enabling you to provide evidence to auditors when they need it.

By having an automated system which shows everything you need to review on one screen, you will save time and ensure no irregularities slip through.

FloQast is here to modernize the accountant’s profession and improve their quality of life while doing so.