Companies often think that switching to the cloud is going to cost them a lot of money. But the truth is that making the change provides many long-term benefits. And by seeking the assistance of an IT consultancy such as, your company can ensure the process of converting to the cloud is easier than ever. Here is a look at what you are missing if you are not on the cloud right now.

More Time

The most valuable resource for a business is not their capital, but the time available to their employees. One of the reasons why the cloud is preferred to physical computers and servers is because it can run processes at a much faster rate. When you are using the cloud, you could be using a 100 cores instead of the ones that are in your physical computer. This means jobs are done quicker, which means your employees have more time to do other work!


Change is one of the most vital things that you must embrace as you are looking towards technology for business in 2017 and beyond. And one of the ways to properly adapt is to get on the cloud. Everything is so much easier, because you can install software and use programs that would have required complex installations in the past. Similarly, work that would have taken 48 hours to render on the computer is now done whenever you need on the cloud.

Save on Virtual Machines

Here are two examples of low cost virtual computing services:

The great thing about these types of service providers is how they provide you with an option to turn off your virtual machines when they are not being used. These types of features can save you anywhere from 50 to 70 percent on your virtual machine costs. And most business owners would tell you that the cost of virtual machines is far lower than what it would cost to get the hardware to run a comparably powerful computer from your offices.

Buy What You Need

When you are committing to the purchase of servers or other physical computing equipment, you are committed to the purchase for the long term. It is something you must chalk up as a long-term expenditure, whether you are using those services or not. But with the cloud, you are not going to pay for what you are using, when you need to use it!

Space Issues are Gone

The cost of running physical servers is one thing, but we often ignore the physical space that is needed to store all that equipment. When you are running your IT infrastructure through the cloud, those space issues are no longer a concern. You could do any of the following things with the space you would have used for computing equipment:

  • Extra Offices
  • Rec Room for Workers
  • Meeting Rooms

At the end of the day, the cloud offers far more benefits to businesses than it has drawbacks. If you are still resisting the change, you may want to think about jumping on board the cloud trend as soon as possible.