Are you looking to smoothly convert your file/s, without the hassle of downloading bulky software? Maybe you have a document that you need to view differently, an extension you cannot open, or just a different file extension that you prefer? The perfect tool for you is an online platform that takes the least amount of time to give you what you are looking for, no sign up required.

We provided a list of 5 online sites that will help you meet your conversion needs for all extension types, whether it is a document or an audio or video file.


This offers you the same free, fast, and online conversion options as the others in our list. What sets this apart is that you can quickly ascertain whether the website caters to your needs by checking whether the file extensions you are looking to convert are supported. Once you know that, you can go ahead and convert any kind of file such as images, video’s, audio, archive, documents, or ebooks right from the main page.

Once you have chosen your target file type from the drop-down menu for your chosen file type. It proceeds by taking you to a new page where you can find your file through either your own directory or by entering its URL, or if it uploaded on a cloud storage platform. Then you click Convert file and works its magic!


A clean-cut website that is so straightforward and quick that you will have no trouble navigating what you need in terms of conversions. You enter the URL for the tool into the browser, and you land at the page where you can upload your file for conversion. Beneath this option on the homepage, there is a comprehensive list of different file types following their file extensions that are supported by the website. Keeping the layout and method clean and clear, it makes this website one of the fastest and easiest ways to convert a file. If you are looking for a conversion, no questions asked, to make it quick and efficient, head on to

  1. ConvertFiles

If you are looking for a conversion tool online that gives you slightly more options in terms of functionality. First, it is a simple way of converting your files, which may include but not necessarily limited to ebooks, documents, drawings, presentations, videos, images, audio types, and archives. But here’s where Convert.Files makes things a little different. If you upload the file, automation takes over and detects the file type itself if it is detectable. Next, Convert.Files gives you the option to download your converted file from a link sent to your email or from the website itself by hitting click.

While all these options are brilliant at doing what they promised, they bring three different experiences to their users to decide what kind of facilitation is best suited to their purposes.