There are applications that let you have air instrument parties, apps that check gas prices and even apps that count your steps as we walk; but this article is dedicated to those coffee iPad Applications for Coffee Loversdrinkers out there that want quick, easier ways to enjoy their coffee. They have apps that range from where to get the best coffee, how to make your own coffee, and even applications that shows one how to do latté art.


This is one app that will pay for its cost within a few cups of Joe. At a reasonable price of $2.99, you have a barista dictionary right at your fingertips. This app gives any person with an espresso machine the skills of a barista legend. The Barista application has step-by-step video instructions that show how to get the best usage of any machine. It informs on which beans are best for each drink, how to best steam ones milk, and a clean glossary that gives definitions to all coffee jargon out there.


This free application is great for those coffee drinkers that don’t have the technology to create great coffee at home. myStarbucks allows customers to customize their order with their full food and drink menu, making their Starbucks trip more enjoyable. One can also use the store locator to find their nearest Starbucks, find a job in the Starbucks world, and acquire a cool collection of free content.

Coffee Buzz

The coffee version of Foursquare, Coffee Buzz allows friends to share favorite coffee boutiques and drinks through Facebook and Twitter. What also makes this application amazing is it’s under $1, so no budget will be busted when looking for great coffee.

Dunkin’ Run

Who doesn’t love Dunkin’ Donuts? For that reason, Dunkin’ Donuts made this free application so any party looking for coffee can send one person a detailed list (sorted by name) of what they want. Creating a coffee errand that requires no hair-pulling or any form of stress.

Coffee Order

Another wonderfully free application is Coffee Order, much like Dunkin’ Run, Coffee Order is for those who want more than just Dunkin’ Donuts. This app allows customers to choose their coffee type, size, condiment additions, shot count, and so much more with a few finger taps. And like Dunkin’ Run, Coffee Order allows customers to send their order to a selected coffee runner to get the job done.


This app is more like a coffee shop address book. It’s free, so there isn’t anything wasted when downloading it. Quick and simple, Beanhunter allows one to search for coffee shops, save them to favorites to their phone, and share ones favorite drink.

Intelligentsia Coffee

The free version of the Barista, intelligentsia Coffee allows owners to learn how to brew their own drinks and allows them to share their videos and photos of their coffee creations. It also acts like a phone book, allowing on to search for local coffee shops.

Coffee Scales

This 99¢ app is perfect for those who are curious as to how much fat and calories they drink in the morning. Coffee Scales gives you a full nutritional scale of your drink, including any extra treats you throw in your coffee.

Coffee Art

This application is focused more around the art of coffee, rather than the taste and such. Coffee Art is the app that allows coffee drinkers the ability to learn how to make designs atop their favorite beverage using one of three methods: fudge art, free pouring, or etching. For $2.99, anyone can impress that special someone with fancy coffee art.


This is the best free app for any coffee drinker out there. Splick*It lets customers order and pay from their phone without waiting in those long morning lines at coffee shops. Place your order on the way to the shop, pay for said order, walk in, skip the line, pick up your coffee, and be on your merry way. As stated before, one of the best apps out there for coffee drinkers.

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