If you choose to go with a specific social media strategy that works well with your business, then it can certainly prove to be a boon for your startup or existing organization. But apart from choosing the strategy, you also need to ensure that it is effectively implemented. Based on some personal experiences we have shared some tips that can help you to get your social media strategy on the right track. It will ultimately prove to be beneficial for your company.

 Show brand personality

It is essential that you maintain a specific consistency, but that does not again mean that you have to be boring. It is true that you have to tailor the personality of your brand according to the needs so that it seems to be authentic to the audience whom you are trying to reach out. You can also consider providing picture behind the curtains of your business to your followers, like introducing your team members as well as those who helped you in coming up with the specific product you are promoting, etc.

Be selective

It requires plenty of resources and time to come up with quality content. But you need to keep in mind that you should not feel obligated to have your presence on multiple social media platforms. Make sure that you focus on developing superior quality content for various platforms, which are closely aligned with your customer segment. At this point, Twitter and Facebook should be taken into consideration along with the other channels where you want to show your presence.

It is a fact that there are innumerable social media channels available for promoting your business. But you need to be highly selective before choosing a particular social media networking site for your business. It is advisable that you add quality contents to get a positive response from your customers. Again, here I would like to say that you should only choose those channels that are closely related to your business. You can also hire a New York marketing agency for your assistance.

Speak less – Listen more

Listening to your audience is equally as essential as speaking about your brand to them. You need to understand their reactions to your brand – whether positive or negative. Using social media as the platform to engage with your audience is the best option because it enables you to directly communicate with your customers and understand their reactions about your product and services. Social media provide you with the chance to increase your customers. Respond to the complaints and questions, and this will help you in the long run to determine the success of your brand.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established business, if you follow the tips I have shared above, they definitely help you to get success in the short run.

Author bio: Linda Gomes is the author of this exclusive post on social media. Here, she has shared some of the popular tips that can actually help individuals to take his business to the next level. If her tips can be implemented in effective ways, readers can give a new dimension to their business. She has also suggested to get in touch with a leading New York marketing agency to enjoy quality services.