There’s an email or emails claiming “Your Auto-Coverage Policy Is Undergoing Changes.” This email is out to steal personal identifiable information to be sold to 3rd party companies or to be used to steal your identity. In any case, the email is a scam.

When you click on the link in the email it takes you to a site that has a poor reputation according to the Web of Trust community and other spam lists. The same people behind this fraud are the same people who tried to scam people out of money promising to lower their bills by signing up at

There are two versions of this scam. The first version claims “Your Auto-Coverage Policy Is Undergoing Changes” and the other scam is “Trying to Reach You” claiming that “If Your Vehicle was Recalled and You Don’t Respond, You may be Faced with Expensive Out-Of-Pocket Repairs. “

Both scams come from the same source but each scam sends you to a different landing page.

Actual Page about “Your Auto-Coverage Policy Is Undergoing Changes”

Policy Department Phishing Scam

If you come across any emails about the two scams I identified above, mark them as spam and delete them. One way to spot a scam is to look at the email address it came from. All legitimate emails coming from a reputable company will have the company in the email such as;,, etc. Most scams use emails that you can’t remember and do not have the company name as part of the email. This particular email comes from which as you can see makes no rhyme or reason.