I am a PC and have been since the 80’s, but my heart is starting to lose its market share for the PC. I know that some of my friends and co-workers will probably give me the “I told you”, but when a company does things so well, it’s hard to ignore.Why I Love Apple

My wife has an iPhone and I want the iPad because of its mobility, design and overall usability. It’s so damn cool and I want one! I no longer have a desktop, but I do have a two laptops that I bought 8 months ago and should of used the money towards the iPad. I use a computer for browsing, blogging, researching and email and not for high-end graphics or gaming, so the iPad will have the perfect home.

I am heading to court this week to officially divorce myself from the Home PC. It has been somewhat faithful, but there’s a new girl on the block who is much leaner, friendlier, prettier and easy to take care of.

I am not sure if I will make the move to the Mac just yet. I may wait until next spring to purchase the new Mac Air.

My divorce letter

Dear PC,

You have been a friend that collected dust, demanded reboots and seem to always catch a virus from time to time, but I must let you go now and move on to smaller and better things in life. Take care my friend and I will still use the PC at work just like a photo album as a reminder of all the fun you once provided.



It’s a bit corny, but it’s my divorce letter.