If we move back in time, the cars came with lesser technology features than the car gadgets offered today. They were only used for traveling. However, now the time has changed due to the evolvement in science and technology. The usage of everything has changed. Technology has transformed the way of living and thinking of people.

If we talk about motor cars and their tech gadgets, they also have evolved. Now motor cars come with the built-in equipment. Some cars are also working on technology orders. We can also add some technology-related gadgets to our cars to boost up our experience and for convenience.

Today’s article is all about the 5 best hi-tech car gadgets to use in 2022. Here is the list of all gadgets that we have researched for the sake of our audience.

  • Apple’s car play
  • Amazon echo auto
  • Garmin dash cam compact
  • Tile mate
  • Nonda tire safety monitor

1. Apples CarPlay

If your car and iPhone are everything to you, then you are at a right place. Introducing you to the most convenient and easy-to-use piece of software called Apple’s CarPlay. It is simply a software that you can install on your iPhone. With the help of this software, you can easily integrate your car. It helps the user to perform mobile tasks and also helps the user to integrate the car easily.

Car Gadgets 2022

You can easily download it from the apple store and connect it to the information and entertainment screen of your car (simply known as the infotainment screen). The problem of holding your iPhone while driving can also be solved by using Apple’s CarPlay, because apple’s car play enables several apps on your infotainment screen which you can use easily while driving.

Car Gadgets

As illustrated in the above picture, you can easily use your phone on the infotainment screen. In short, it is a very reliable and convenient software gadget to use. You can read this guide to know more about Apple CarPlay.

2. Amazon Echo Auto

Nowadays, if you are relying on Amazon Alexa in your home to control smart gadgets only by using your voice, why don’t you use it in your car? Introducing you to Amazon echo auto the upgraded version of Alexa. If you are using Alexa to control your home’s climate, with help of the Echo auto, you can easily control the climate of your car only by your voice.

Alexa 2022

It is a portable gadget that you can easily install in your car. It accesses the internet of your mobile phone. You can easily perform tasks to control your car only by speaking.

When you are ready to drive and you want to wake this device, you just have to say a command like “Alexa”. It simply wakes up and if you don’t want it to listen to all your talks you just have to switch off its microphone with a single click. This device is one of the most easy-to-use devices and a pocket agent too.

Alexa Car 2022

As we can see, it can easily be installed by connecting the auxiliary cable to your infotainment screen of the car. Its retailer price on amazon is between 20$-30$. This device I must say is the best at its place and there is no alternate of this device.

3. Garmin dash cam compact

If you are a regular car driver or an adventurer and want to capture the anonymous things happening on road, Garmin dash cam compact has everything you need. It is a mini-cam that can be easily installed on the dashboard of your car. If you are fond of capturing anonymous and mighty happenings on the road while driving this camera can be your partner.


It is a portable camera that you can easily carry with you in your pocket. If we talk about its specifications, it has incident detection (G-sensor), 1080p camera resolution, 140 degrees of field of view, and up to 30 fps of recording. It simply fits on the dashboard of the car and records videos easily.

Garmin for Cars

Here is the stuff which we get after opening its box. It comes with a USB adapter, two long connectivity wires (13ft and 5ft), and most important thing our camera and its protective cover. Its retailer price is starting from 99.99$.

You can easily buy it from Amazon!

4. Tile mate

If you are fluffy all the time and forget your small stuff like keys or wallet here and there, Tile Mate is perfect gadget for you. This device is portable and very small even you can put it in your key ring.

It simply connects with the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. It also has good speakers at all. When you come in its range, it starts beeping. Its sound is so good that you might hear it when it is in your range.

Tile Mate

Here is the size of Tile mate. It is extremely easy to use and portable. Also, one thing is that it is weatherproof. It can easily survive all weather conditions. In the local market, its price is starting from 24.99$. You can easily purchase it from amazon.

5. Nonda tires safety meter

If you are not aware of your car tires conditions at all times. And you have to move to the workshop just for checking. Here is a solution to your problem. Introducing you to the Nonda tires safety monitor. It is a small ordinary-sized device with four sensors and one receiver. This device helps you by monitoring your car tires status on your mobile phone with the help of the ZUS app.

ZUS app

As you can see in the above illustration, there is a device that connects with the infotainment screen of the car. There are four small sensors that are fitted in tires and connected to the device with the help of Bluetooth. Its working is remarkably simple. It simply connects with the receiver through Bluetooth and provides you with information of tires on the ZUS app on your mobile phone.

ZUS App 2022

All of the sensors are specified for each tire, and it gives signals to the receiver connected with them inside the car. In short, this is the best gadget for your tire’s health. Its box contains a separate installation kit and a few more accessories to use.

Talking about its pricing. It is officially starting from 83.99$ on amazon and other shopping sites. You can easily buy it from Nonda’s original website.


Here are all the gadgets that we discussed in today’s article. The top 5 hi-tech gadgets have been briefly explained above which are very necessary to use in our cars for convenience. So here are all my efforts and well-researched work in your hands. Hope you liked it.

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