There’s an email purporting to be from PayPal, claiming that your account has been limited for more than 7 days. This email notification is not from PayPal! This is a phishing scam engineered to steal personal identifiable information from recipients who received this email scam.

The items in the email look exactly like the real PayPal site. The scammers re-purpose images and content to mimic the real site to fool people into believing that the email came from PayPal. If you receive a notification email from PayPal like the one below, delete it immediately.

Actual Email Content

PayPal Account Limited Phishing Scam

The link inside the email goes to which has no affiliation with PayPal. Scammers are crafty people who will do whatever it takes to bait people into thinking that these email notifications are real. They even go through great lengths by registering domain names that include the brand name.

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