President elect seems to be a Big Mac fan, but he is reportedly working out in the gym with a

City Paper reporter Neal Santos broke the scandalous story earlier this week, after spotting Obama in a Philadelphia gym during his morning workout. Santos (who admits picking up the pace on own his treadmill to keep up with our next commander-in-chief) casually looked over and … well, he swears up and down that “from what I saw, [Obama] was using a Zune.”

Obama seems to be a Zune man, but hey it’s nice to know that we have a tech guru for a president and not a shoe bobber.

You have to love it if you’re a tech, as we have a President that loves his gadgets. I hope Obama puts some dollars into our Tech/Sci industry to compete with China, Japan and Korea.

No matter what our President elect uses for his pleasure, it can only be good for the technology sector!

Is the oval office equipped with a Mac or PC?