There are many advanced features of Outlook those are still unknown for the users to use it. When trying to use such unknown functionality on MS Outlook, the users may encounter one such error message i.e. “Not enough memory to run Outlook”. This error message generally occurs with all mailboxes associated with an Exchange Server. In the upcoming section, we are going to resolve Not enough Memory error in Outlook.

Circumstances in Which this Error Occurs

This issue triggered when the insufficient amount of disk space to be displayed on the desired folder. There are certain situations usually occurred while accessing Outlook that is discussed such as:

  • Adding new or existing contacts in contact list
  • Archive mailboxes in Outlook
  • Add all attachment files along with email messages
  • Add contacts list from Global Address book on a Serve

This Outlook error message “Not enough memory” is frequently displayed when the Outlook mailbox limit has reached its maximum size.

Reasons to Resolve MS Outlook Error

The above error “Not enough memory to run Microsoft Outlook” message occurs on the user’s desktop if there is not any software used on their system. When facing such an error, the users have to shut down MS Outlook, reopen the system and needs to launch the Outlook software again. sometimes, performing this may solve Outlook error but not always right. This error message appears due to the following reasons are given below:

  • Compatibility issues with the latest version of any Operating system on a local machine.
  • While importing the PST files in Outlook that lead to corruption issue.
  • This problem may become worse if the users have used Business Contact Manager for Outlook (BCM) and MAPI subscription has used the shared memory.

PST file corruption can increase the risk of losing all contacts, notes, and emails they have been saved in it. Therefore, it is necessary that the users have to perform these manual steps carefully.

Manually to Fix “Outlook Error Message Not Enough Memory”

For resolving the Outlook error, follow the below stated manual approach that describes how to make changes to the registry. The serious issue may appear if the registry has been modified incorrectly. For doing this, make sure that the steps to be followed precisely. For safety purpose, user must have to take a backup of the registry before to perform some modifications. That’s why if any problem occurs, then, the user can restore it successfully. Now, the following workaround as given below:

  • First, you have to Exit MS Outlook application
  • Then, go to Start option, click Run and then, enter regedit in the text box. Press Enter button
  • After that, locate and the, select the following registry subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem

  • Next, click on Edit, and then, choose New option. Afterward, select DWORD Value
  • Write SharedMemMaxSize, and hit Enter key again
  • Now, clicking right on SharedMemMaxSize, and next, select Modify option
  • Under the value data dialog box, enter 300000. Click on default Base of Hexadecimal
  • Clik the OK button
  • Search and then, choose the given below registry subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsMessaging Subsystem\Applications\Outlook

Note: You must create all Applications and Outlook subkeys both if they do not exist.

  • In the Edit menu, point to New tab, and Click on DWORD Value
  • Again, enter SharedMemMaxSize and press the Enter key
  • Enter 300000 under the Value data. Next, use the Base of Hexadecimal by default.
  • Choose OK button
  • On File menu, select Exit option to close the Registry Editor

If these two registry values that were indicated earlier to 0x300000 does not resolve Outlook issue, then, the users must increase the value up to 0x800000.

Best Way to Resolve Not Enough Memory to Run Microsoft Outlook Error

However, if the users unable to achieve a desired result with the above-mentioned solution, then, go for a reliable solution to fix insufficient memory error. Outlook Recovery software is a safe & secure way to deal with PST file corruption issue. The software can retrieve the highly damaged Outlook data files without any fear of data loss.

Wrapping It Up

The bulk of data items creates a big trouble by consuming lots of space while accessing Outlook application. However, in above we have described many reasons and manual resolutions to help the users get to know how to fix “Outlook error message not enough memory”. Also, to avoid such annoying circumstances, one can take help of a reliable third party tool i.e. Outlook Recovery tool that can resolve such type of issues.