McAfee Update Causes Windows to CrashA flawed signature update (DAT 5958) from McAfee yesterday (Wednesday) caused the system file svchost.exe to be identified and quarantined as the virus W32/Wecorl.a under Windows XP SP3. This resulted in affected systems rebooting (30 second countdown) and then entering an endless boot loop, repeatedly restarting.

According to McAfee’s user forum, large numbers of businesses are affected. To resolve the problem, the vendor is advising users to download an updated signature (DAT 5959) on an unaffected computer, copy it to a USB drive, restart the affected computer in safe mode with network support (press F8 while booting) and connect the USB drive. Double-clicking on the file 5959xdat.exe will then install the new signature. In most cases, users will then need to restore the svchost.exe file. McAfee has provided instructions for doing so.

From the McAfee Web Site

Corporate Customers
– These entries in our virus information library and the knowledge base provide workarounds for this issue for corporate customers
– Customers are discussing the issue in our online support community

– This support page provides information for impacted consumers
– Consumers are also discussing the topic in the online community

To contact McAfee by phone in your region, go to the “Contact Us” page on our Web site and select your country for the correct number.

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