Beware of blog commentsIf you’re one of the lucky blogs that have a good Pagerank and Alexa ranking, your blog could be in danger. In most cases, bloggers work hard to obtain good ranking scores and cyber crooks look for those same ingredients to target attacks.

Cyber crooks are using Black Hat SEO to create backlinks to malicious web sites by leaving commentary on many popular blogs. These tactics could place blogs in bad neighborhoods which will ultimately hurt a blogs reputation.

In 2009, analysis showed that 95 percent of comments posted to blog or chat forums were spam or links to nasty payloads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poisoning attacks were a favored tactic, piggybacking on hot topics such as celebrity deaths or major disasters to lure people to websites designed to infect computers.

“It is pretty scary,” said Websense security research manager Stephan Chenette. “Attackers have been moving in the same direction as Bing and Google with real-time search results.”

The rival Internet search engines have been improving results pages to feature fresh content such as Twitter posts in real time.

Hackers use armies of infected computers referred to as “botnets” to host a plethora of bogus websites and swiftly lift links high into Internet search results based on hot topics at any given moment, Chenette said.

“They use botnets nowadays to give them control over search engine rankings,” Chenette said of hackers. “They are jumping on the band wagon of any big event; at a drop of a dime they can instruct botnets to run websites and raise those links high in searches.”

Websense found that 13.7 percent of the time trick websites rigged with “malware” were included in the top 100 results for searches conducted using words from Yahoo! Buzz or Google Trend hot topics tracking services.

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Source: Statistics by Websense.