Strong storms have been sweeping across the nation this spring season.  Many storms are a simple nuisance, but when lightning strikes utter disaster can happen.

Lightning damage doesn’t just affect the structure of a person’s home, but it can also seriously mess with some of your favorite and most reliable electronics. Is your PC safe? Be prepared. You certainly don’t want to hear that your PC stopped working.PC stopped working

Lightning damage can come:

  • Through power lines
  • Through a network cable
  • Through the telephone line (roughly 3% of Internet users still use dial-up)


  • Purchase and install a surge protector
  • Small businesses: Get surge protectors that offer protection from surges through network cables
  • Regularly check your protection equipment to ensure it’s working as intended
  • Use a dedicated circuit for your computer – try not to share the power with other devices
  • Turn off and disconnect the power cord (and telephone line if you’re on dial-up) during a storm

The odds are if your PC has lightning damage, you’re going to have to open up your wallet. Buy a surge protector to prevent damage and costly repairs or the purchase of a new computer.