The internet has its own intervention for those who are addicted to the internet – that makes up a lot of people. This addiction is larger than any, including substance abuse, but will anyone every go to such a place? I think it’s a crazy idea and money we don’t need to spend.

Fall city, WA near Redmond, which is home to many major computer companies is the new home of the first ever Internet Addiction Center.


If you feel that you are neglecting more important things because of the internet, you might need their 45-day detox program. The program is very expensive ($17,000), including a $200 application fee. Your insurance company probably won’t pay for this treatment, in fact they would have a chuckle or two.

I am addicted, but I am not spending that kind of cash for someone to isolate me in a room with no computer for X amount of days. I just find this whole idea amusing and I am sure many of you will as well.

What’s next, their own reality show?

If you really need this Internet Addiction Recovery Program than click here.