We started out in May 2008, but have blogged since mid 2007. Since May 2008 we have posted over 500 blogs with over 4100 comments. What will 2009 bring? We will work even harder to bring our fans and visitors the best in Technology news and more. Listed below are the top 10 blog posts that had the greatest feeding frenzy.

How to Crack Windows XP and Vista Login Passwords – 11,563 Pageviews
Joe Satriani Files Suit Against Coldplay
Vista Vulnerability Found
Watch New Movies Online Free!
Linux to Xbox Media Share
Led Zeppelin Says No to Guitar Hero and Rock Band
Dell’s New Studio Hybrid Good or Bad?
Network Protection without Network Hardware
Firefox 2.0 Users Beware of Phishing
Google Chrome to add WOT extension

Google ushered in the New Year with a Pagerank (PR) update. Some of us will wake up with either good news or bad news, but which ever direction your pagerank went, never let it get you down. Bloggers work hard in achieving recognition, fans and if you are lucky revenue. TechJaws has doubled its backlinks since the last update and we went from a PR4 to a PR3. Be happy and stay positive.

We hope you have enjoyed our blogs as much as we did writing them. We would like to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year.