Many times your Mac hard disk gets filled with duplicate and junk files that take up storage that can lead to not enough storage for new files and programs. Junk files are a combination of temporary support files that appear, disappear and get stored in various system directories. Junk files can cause a degradation in system performance as seek times increase when there’s too many unwanted files stored on your Mac. Removing duplicate and junk files on your Mac improves performance and free’s up storage space. There are many tools you can use for removing duplicate and junk files on your Mac. You can also delete duplicate files manually which is time consuming and difficult to trace the original file. With Macpaw Gemini 2, it is easy to find duplicate files like documents or photos and select the files to be deleted. Gemini 2 detects and removes files from internet junk, user junk, system junk and application junk. Removing the junk files periodically improves the disk space and system performance. You can get up to 50% off on Macpaw products using Gemini 2 coupon deals.

Cleans everything

The PC optimization software cleans every part of the file and also removes a large amount of junk files in just a few steps. It also cleans iTunes, Mail, Photos, trash bins and even old folders with outdated files. After the cleaning is completed, users should see an improvement in performance. Your Mac will perform tasks more easily and efficiently when you do a little hard dick housekeeping. If you want to perform an advanced cleaning, you want to go with Gemini 2 which does advanced cleaning and has many features compared to other tools. The scanning process is simple where you can open the application and add folders to scan as well as preview the file before sending it to trash.

Duplicate finder

Duplicate files occur in the computer due to various reasons like a copy of the library could be installed in other locations on the hard disk. System file protection is a technology that monitors system files for unexpected changes where such changes are detected and the files are restored from duplicate files. Deleting the duplicate files manually would cause an application to misbehave. Gemini 2 detects and removes duplicate files regardless of where there located on your hard disk. You can also view the duplicate files and select the files before moving to trash. There are many advanced search methods along with custom scan modes. This tool protects system files and folders from accidental deletion. User’s get back hard dick storage after duplicate files and folders are removed from the Mac.

Free vs Paid

There are many tools for cleaning and finding duplicate files with free and paid tools available. The free tools can at times delete unnecessary data and increase the risk of identity theft. It also lacks many advanced features compared to paid tools. Paid tools provide many advanced features for fully cleaning all kinds of duplicate files. The paid software allows you delete all kinds of duplicate multimedia content securely and remove unnecessary clutter from the hard disk. Macpaw cleaning software does full scanning thoroughly and cleans cache, log files and other files to give you better system performance. There are many advanced features with paid tools for effective cleaning and finding duplicate files.

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