It’s not unusual to turn on the news and watch someone’s home getting robbed. Some news channels even catch criminals live, as they’re committing a crime. In the United States, a crime is being committed every day. Two of the most rampant crimes are theft and robbery. No one is immune from getting robbed these days.

This realistically scary statistic is the reason why most homeowners prefer installing security systems in their homes. A security system can involve a lot of sophisticated technology, an assist from man’s best friend, or can be a combination of both. An effective security system can help ward off potential criminals. According to statistics, homes without a security system are more likely to be burglarized.

Another statistic shows that 28% of the time, a family member or someone from the household was present during a burglary. Of that 28%, 7% of those who witnessed a robbery, were subjected to some form of abuse and violence. Don’t let your family be a statistic. Get an effective security system to ward off any criminals from your property.

Since technology is a significant advantage when it comes to security systems, criminals can also use the same technology to get around these systems. Don’t ever underestimate a desperate criminal. Most of them go to enormous lengths just to get inside a house. With that said, a security system can realistically be hacked. However, with the tips written below, you can make sure that your Smart Homes stay safe.

Professional Installments

You can most certainly do a DIY installment of your own security system. However, most experts warn that, unless you’re a security expert yourself, installing a security system DIY, can create many vulnerabilities with your system. Always consider professionals to install your system for you.

Update Software

Most of the time, devices that aren’t updated get easily hacked. Updating your devices ensures that no tool can access it easily. Thieves and other criminals today are getting more and more sophisticated by using highly advanced software to hack and break in devices.

Secure Your Router

An incredibly smart thief can use your router as the starting point of their burglary. Always check if your router has all the right credentials. Make sure to use a strong password on your routers. A well-updated router can also help fight off any vulnerabilities.

Check to see if any suspicious devices are connected to your router. Only a handful of recognized devices should appear on the list. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, reset your router and change all your credentials.

Use Strong Passwords

You won’t believe the sheer number of people using simple passwords for high-level locks. Avoid using simple passwords such as your surname, any important dates, or simple letters and numbers. Again, you’ll be shocked to know that almost 23 million people use 123456 as their password. Some also use qwerty or even the word “password” itself. Avoid using weak passwords so hackers won’t be able to get inside your home.


A simple key and lock would often scare away burglars in the past. Nowadays, since security is ramping up through smart security systems, thieves are also becoming sophisticated. Without a proper run-through of a security system, a smart home can easily open its doors to unwelcome criminals.

Make sure that you check any vulnerabilities, update software, use strong passwords, and secure your router as these might become starting points where criminals can start their crimes.