I know what you are thinking, but I am not talking about your manhood, I am talking about compulsive buying when it comes to new tech gadgets and how to stop the urge of spending.xbox360

We all have some from of compulsive behavior, but to try to buy the latest gadget on the market, can prove to be costly. Do you really need the next generation game console? You probably don’t, and the one you have is still plenty of fun during some needed downtime.

I am a technology enthusiast and trust me, it’s tough for me to go into a TigerDirect without walking out with less money on a purchase I had not intended to make.

Men are just as bad as woman when it comes to shopping, don’t kid yourself. At least woman are more consciences when it comes to deals and or bargains. Men love toys and we will do anything to get the newest cool gadget.

Sit back and enjoy your game console that you still get enjoyment out of. There’s no need to get the next super duper video card when the one you have serves its purpose well.

The money you save today, may serve for a much needed purchase tomorrow. I am not saying you can’t go out and buy your wife something nice to show her how much you appreciate her and love her. Your wife is much more important than some gadget you really don’t need.

I may hear a lot of bashing from my male friends, but hey I like controversy.