I have published more articles about Fake Antivirus than any other topic. It’s apparent why cyber criminals peddle their rogue antivirus programs, it’s because they’re making more revenue than legitimate antivirus vendors.Fake Antivirus on the Rise!

There are an estimated 500,000 unique fake AV binaries on the Internet today according to what was noted at RSA this year. What’s most disturbing is that the legitimate AV vendors cannot provide new virus definitions fast enough to combat these fake AV’s. One way of putting a dent into this problem is having the search engines stop indexing these web sites that are distributing rogueware.

In addition to search engines helping out, AV vendors need to be more responsive in detecting new binaries in the wild. How is it that sites like Bleeping Computer, WOT and TechJaws discover sites peddling rogueware before the legitimate AV vendors? In addition to finding these bad sites, we also provide removal instructions.

Antivirus vendors need to step it up a notch in order to outpace these cyber criminals or maybe it’s the fake antivirus programs that drive sales for legitimate security vendors. I hope it’s not the latter or we will not see the demise or decrease in fake AV programs.

Cyber criminals need to be stopped and quarantined in a 4×8 jail cell.

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