Hackers could be re-purposing your information including photos and bio information and creating bogus accounts using your name structured a little different. The hackers than start sending friend requests to your friends because they know at first glance your friends will accept the friend request.Facebook Scam

Hackers are getting smarter and more strategic in stealing your information. In this case they’re building their Facebook network of friends to sell bogus products and services and using your name to do so. If you get a friend request be careful it could be a hacker.

Things to watch out for;

  1. Do not accept a friend request from someone that’s already a friend
  2. Misspelled name of a friend or one that is structured different
  3. Someone you do not know

If you think you have already been a victim of this scam, you should check your privacy settings and also inform your friends that someone is using a bogus account that looks like it is coming from you. You should also contact Facebook by using the “Report a Problem” link in the pull down in the top right of your Facebook page.

Please pass this on by posting it to your wall and or emailing your friends.