Remember when you had to do everything for yourself manually? It doesn’t seem long ago that you had to do your housework, feed your pets, and clean your windows by hand. Now, however, there’s a gadget or machine out there that can take care of even the most arduous tasks for you. If you want your life to be more comfortable than ever before, here’s how:

Smart Door Locks

It might seem like a door lock is already quite a convenient feature, but have you heard of smart door locks? Imagine being able to provide digital keys for visitors rather than leave them dangerously under the mat, or being able to track who is entering and exiting your home. Smart door locks are an ingenious invention that are making homes safer and your life more convenient. After all, who needs a physical key when you can lock and unlock your home using your smartphone?

Robotic Vacuums and Lawnmowers

Never having to vacuum, mop, or mow your lawns again sounds like a dream for most of us, but thanks to advances in robotics, this can now be a reality. Everyone knows that doing household chores is a tedious job, even if it does help you burn off calories. The market is now full of exciting gadgets that take care of housework for us. You can get one to vacuum, one to mop your floors, and even one to navigate its way around your yard, mowing your lawns. Now, all you need is something to make the beds and prepare dinner, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Key Finder

Did you know Americans spend two and a half days every year looking for things they lost? In many cases, it’s the car keys you need to start your day on the right foot. If you own a key finder, however, you will be able to track down your keys in an instant.

A key finder works by talking to its buddy which you attach to your keychain. Usually, it’s a high-pitch alarm that helps you to work out where they’re hiding. When you own a key finder, you’ll never be able to use lost keys as an excuse to be late to work ever again!

Robot Window Cleaner

With cleaning household windows ranked as the third-most hated chore out of 20, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a machine to do it for them. You can now buy robot window cleaners which secure onto your large windows, turning smeared, grimy mess into clean and clear glass. The best part is, you can watch it work its magic or go off to work, returning to windows that almost look like they’re not there at all!

Automatic Pet Feeders

Sometimes, even remembering to feed your pets on a busy schedule can be challenging. If you don’t want your pet to go without, then invest in an automatic pet feeder. All you need to do is fill it up, set the timer, and let it do its thing. It will feed your pets at the time you specify, with the amount you set as well. Automatic pet feeders are also excellent options for owners with overweight pets who need regular, set meal times to help them lose weight.

The technology we now have at our disposal is impressive, with more and more new inventions cropping up by the day. If you thought life couldn’t get any better, then why not try out any of these gadgets above? They are bound to add another element of convenience to your life.