The dark web, commonly known as an illegal internet is the part of the web that is generally hidden for common users. It means that the internet we are using in our daily life is also a part of the entire net. There are three types of it named Deep, dark, and clear web. The clear web is that we are using, and it includes all the common and popular search engines like google, Yahoo and Bing. On the other hand, deep and the dark webs are fully encrypted and require a specific link to enter them. People call them the criminal sites because of the illegal activities happening inside them. You can also see the dark and deep web screenshots that will give you an idea about the illegal activities on these platforms.

Deep web vs Dark Web:

You may think these two are the same thing but, it is not true. There is a big difference between these two things. Both are indeed encrypted and user-specific files, but the encryption is not the same. Deep web generally includes medical records, criminal records, and agency records. It also contains the pages that are encrypted for user-specific detail or that need a subscription and login information. These pages include Netflix, amazon prime, Grammarly premium and many more. You can only enter the highly encrypted deep sites if you link to one of its pages.

On the other hand, the encryption of the dark web is generally different. Before entering it, you should have complete information about it. It is a site where all the illegal activities occur. It means that it is a site for hackers and other criminals. You can buy all the illegal weapons on it. These illegal activities include selling all type of illegal material like weapons, drugs, dumb cards, login credentials, and any type of information.

The dark web is not itself illegal, but the activities occurring in it are criminal based. You can also hire a hacker for any type of hacking. You can buy premium accounts and dumb credit cards at a low price. Not all the activities are illegal, people also use it for many good purposes. For example, many journalists use it for providing freestyle and independent journalism. It needs an incredibly unique browser named Onion browser or TOR to get assessed. TOR is a unique browser that completely hides your identity by passing your IP addresses through many web pages, making it impossible to get traced.

Reasons to Avoid Going in the Dark web:

There are many reasons to not go inside this creepy world because it is totally unsafe. Here are some main reasons to avoid going in it. These reasons are given below:

Crypto Scams:

The use of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day in this era of technology. Because of its simplicity and better use, almost every e-commerce and financial company is using cryptocurrency. Even that now many shopping malls have started taking online payments in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But with the increase in the use of this payment method, the scam has also been increased. The dark sites are generally known to be the biggest place of crypto scams. A dealer on this platform will provide you with this cryptocurrency of worth thousands of dollars in just a few hundred dollars. Common people generally fell victim to these scam deals. The dealer will not only grab your money, but he/she will also take your personal information.

Live Hoaxes:

The second main reason to avoid getting into it is that it is full of live hoaxes. You must pay for everything you want. There is nothing free of cost on it. Hoaxes are something like humor on it because these include a “Red room”. The room generally shows live torture of animals and humans, live rape and even murder. It is a weird thing, at least for me. But many people are there to pay for these rooms. Many of these doings are just fake and money-grabbing methods.


One of the most prominent illegal activity on it is terrorism. Many terrorist groups are using it for their terrorist activities, and they are promoting these activities also through this creepy web. They are spreading disseminate information. For example, many terrorist groups like ISIS and Daish terrorist groups are using it for their ransom activities. In 2015, anti-terrorist organizations found that these groups were launching a new dark site to disseminate information. This also had instructions on how to access the dark content. All the planning occurs on this platform with a secret anonymous id and pages.

Illegal Pornography:

Pornography is also an excessively big reason to avoid it. The biggest issue is the child pornography that is the most shameful act on it. People pay money on the dark web to see child pornography. It is an illegal thing, and the FBI is working to shut down these abusive servers to avoid this type of immoral act. In 2015, the FBI busted a massive child porn site by using some malware hacking tricks. These FBI authorities gained control of the North Carolina server and used it for two weeks before shutting it down to trace other sites.

These are the three main reasons to avoid going to the dark web just for fun. This creepy web contains many malicious and illegal acts like scams, hacking and hoaxes that are not safe for a common user.

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