In today’s world dominated by smartphones, there is always a mobile app for everyone for everything. And, sometimes there is more than one. How to drive more business from your mobile app is always top priority! Also, your app maintenance should be a top priority as well.

A report states that apps take about 88% of the total time spent on a mobile phone.

For businesses that are vying for constant growth, mobile applications and App Maintenance are an important precedent to keep an eye on. And, this is extremely important for the mobile app growth strategy of any business.

But, is having a well-performing mobile app enough, though?

As one of the most reliable businesses in the field offering tailored application maintenance and support services, we don’t think so.

Just as you would preserve a vehicle with periodic services and maintenance, maintaining your mobile application, which is leveraging your digital growth, is of paramount importance, as well.

But how do we do that?

That’s the question of the hour. However, before getting into the nuances of that, let us first understand a little more about mobile application maintenance and support services.

What Are Application Maintenance and Support Services?

Just as every other vertical of technology, mobile application development also undergoes constant change.

New technologies emerge every day; businesses add new services to their offerings; cyber threats keep coming; and competition is catching up.

With desktop internet uses falling and mobile internet users soaring high, mobility has become even more important for businesses.

If you are going to rely on a mobile app that you developed some years ago, you will start observing the app’s performance dwindling down.

Why so, you think?

Because, what was exciting about your app is not so exciting anymore. The unique propositions that you impressed your customers with are no longer unique. And the preferences of customers have changed.

How do you address these concerns?

Welcome to application maintenance and support services.

In a nutshell, application maintenance and support services are your mobile app’s service center.

They take care of your mobile application’s maintenance; they debug the application, they add more features as you need, modify the app for better performance, integrate new technologies as per changing times, and cater to the shifting preferences of your users.

With as many as 258 billion mobile app downloads annually by 2022, not keeping your mobile app will lead you to bleed money.

Unlike popular opinions, application maintenance and support is not just fixing the errors, it is about reshaping and re-strategizing an application according to the changing times for better user experience, performance and efficiency.

And it can only be done after thorough assessment of the existing application all while keeping abreast with the changing needs of users and the market.

So, What Is the Difference Between Application Development and App Maintenance?

App Maintenance

As you would already know, application development is the process of developing an application.

It is an extensive process that involves a range of processes such as:







When an application is developed, the aim of the same is to address a particular concern of the users or to bring the services of a business directly to the users via smartphones.

It helps automate a range of processes that might otherwise require human intervention and interaction.

On the other hand, app maintenance begins only after the development process is complete—it is the process of maintaining an already existing application.

This is largely due to the changing requirements and technological changes happening in the world. As customers would expect to see higher application efficiency and performance, apps would need to always stay ahead of the competition.

In a nutshell, mobile app maintenance is extremely important for an app to stay relevant and keep delivering value-adding experience to its users all the while addressing issues and security vulnerabilities.

Why is Application Maintenance Necessary for a Business?

Maintaining your app, even if it is better performing one, adds a slew of benefits to your business although you do not see them coming right off the bat.

As a business, it does matter from a strategic perspective—both revenue-wise and growth-wise for the business.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of mobile app maintenance:

It brings a competitive edge to your application

It is a brutal competition in the mobile application vertical. There are thousands of applications that vie for user’s attention.

And if your application slips a few feet back on your performance and user-experience, your competitor may take you over.

Regular maintenance to keep your app performing well and delighting your users will ensure that you always stay ahead of the completion maintaining a healthy, safe stroll ahead.

Best Mobile Apps 2021

App maintenance is important for security

In 2022, the total spending on cybersecurity measures worldwide is expected to touch $133.7 billion as per Gartner.

That’s a huge amount of money, don’t you think?

Why do you think that’s happening?

It is because of the real cyber threats happening in the world. The same thing can also happen to your mobile app as well.

App maintenance can help you advance your security protocols, install better security measures, and ensure that the information on your app is safe.

It shows that you listen to your users

Most of the time, businesses update their website to add a new feature or to tweak some functionalities because their users demand so.

This will reflect extremely well on your brand.

Such maintenance based on the feedback from your users will convey the message to the users that you actually care about them.

That’s an important factor in assuring higher user retention and satisfaction.

New features bring new users

When you add better and more effective features to your app, it becomes a reason for newer users to migrate to your app.

It also ensures that your users do not go elsewhere seeking new features that you do not offer.

Adding new features via app maintenance helps keep the app and its UI fresh, novel and exciting for users. This will definitely bring more users to the app, as well.

Helps take advantage of newer technologies

The pace at which technologies grow now is unprecedented. This is particularly true in the mobile phone technology.

The capabilities of mobile phones and what can be achieved with a mobile phone are changing every other day. When an app is regularly maintained, it can take advantage of the latest technology that might not have been available at the time of the development of the app for better performance.

Apps with higher battery optimization can be an example in this regard.

Now that we have learned about the importance, let’s move ahead.

App Maintenance

What are the best app maintenance practices? How can you ensure successful implementation of app maintenance services?

A business must always realize that mobile app maintenance is a function that’s inseparable from their quality and growth strategies.

Hence, following the best app maintenance practice is crucial to the success of the app.

The below-given are the best app maintenance practices for a business that wants to keep growing in the market:

  1. Use an Experienced Team: Associate with an experienced application maintenance and support services provider. With experience comes expertise and quicker maintenance without having to worry about glitches and bugs crawling up your code-strips.
  2. Train Your Internal Team: If you have an internal team who works on application maintenance, train them well both in UI and technologies. Having a skilled and insightful team will make your maintenance job all the more effective and painless.
  3. Formulate a Strategy: Create a unique app maintenance strategy that’s holistic and growth-centred. A strategy can be your roadmap to a successful app maintenance culture.
  4. Mind and Test Your User-Experience: One of the major reasons that can lead to your application’s failure is your application’s user-experience. Hence, it is important to keep testing for your UX from the user’s perspective to identify glitches. Testing the performance of a UI is a great habit to get into.
  5. Keep Your Application Compliant: There is a gamut of guidelines, policies, and application guidelines that you must comply with if you wish to render unique experiences to users. Failure to comply with them can make your app less trustworthy. Hence, keep your app compliant.
  6. Ensure Effective Communication: If you have an external team working in your application, effective communication is crucial to set your expectation right. Have a streamlined communication system with adequate options to go back and forth with an idea.
  7. Create a Scalable and Flexible App Culture: Businesses are going to grow and customers will come. Hence, you must have an app that’s scalable to respond to the changing requirements.
  8. Have a Proactive App Maintenance System: You must always have a standard system to address the changes happening in the field as well as the needs of the users. With a proactive system, app maintenance will be more efficiency and timely
  9. Strive to Reduce Downtimes: One of the worst nightmares of mobile apps is downtimes. It also brings loss of revenue. Hence, you must have an app maintenance strategy that can address downtimes and reduce loss of revenue with timely updates and tweaks.

These are the best practices to follow while maintaining an app.

However, there are also pitfalls that a business must keep an eye on while maintaining a mobile app.

They can be:

  • Not making the security of the application a priority
  • Failing to update the app regularly
  • Not paying attention to user statistics from the app
  • Not giving enough thoughts about the development platform

Working to avoid these dangers while adhering to the best app maintenance practices as given below can surely add immense value to your app.


As you can see, application maintenance is an intricate matter that you need to carry out keeping both your eyes open and ears sharp. A misstep can lead directly to losing customers, app uninstallations and loss of revenue.

However, having an intelligent and insightful strategy anchoring on user-experience and app security can do wonders for you and your app.

These practices are sure to add value to your efforts, as well.

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