Challenges in Healthcare has made commendable growth and development over the recent years. Whether providing healthcare in residential environments or advancements in medical technology. Healthcare Professionals strive to improve and bring new technology to this ever growing industry.

The World Health Organization and governments of all nations are taking active steps to provide better healthcare to their citizens and improving medical technology. These Challenges in Healthcare are the single focus for heath professionals.

However, healthcare professionals and providers work constantly in the same direction; they face certain challenges too.

According to stats, global healthcare expenditure is expected to grow 5.4% annually to over $10 trillion in between the year 2017-2022.  The possible reasons could be troublesome competitors, precision medicine, increasing demand for exponential technologies and delivery sites, and funding models.

As healthcare technology is remarkably developing, we can expect making the lives of patients convenient, but also solving some huge problems at the industry end.

Let’s see what those challenges are and how they can be resolved:

Patient-Related Data Management

Mismanagement in patient-related data is one of the most prominent issues seen in the healthcare department. With the rise in the patient database and traditional infrastructure, it is just an unrealistic expectation to handle such massive records. 

Not just storage, but also retrieval of patients’ data is one of the common challenges hospitals should address. Data mismanagement often leads to wrong diagnosis and treatments, lapsed appointments, and failure.


Healthcare needs to implement mobile portals and cloud-based data. This will provide real-time access to maintain data like medical history, registrations, diagnoses, appointments, appointments, and more. 

Mobile portals are another handy option which provides access to the data to both doctors and patients. However, for more secured software-related solutions, you can consider nearshore development for successful healthcare data management goals.

Issues in Data Sharing

In this era of marvelous medical science advancements, inefficiencies in healthcare are still a challenge because of poor technology solutions. Using a paper-pen approach is not only inconvenient, but also increases administration expenses. 

Further, incomplete exchange of patient data can expose them to the risk of breach and dangerous situations in case of patient need for critical treatment.


For an absolute healthcare experience, the data should be exchanged among doctors, insurance providers, patients, medical scheme providers securely.  Thus, to successfully manage healthcare problems, a block chain-based database can help to use and share patient records in a safe and secure manner.

Improper Supply Chain Management

We, perhaps never thought of the logistics that play an important part in supply chain mismanagement. A systematic logistics practice can ensure an undisturbed healthcare service.

Inefficient supply chain mismanagement can create issues like improper medical inventory or a drug shortage. This can, in turn, cause frustration on both doctors and patient side.

The traditional way of supply chain management is inefficient and wasteful. It can cost a lot of money on damage to the inventory, untimely delivery of medication or equipment, and other financial losses.


To address these massive amounts of losses, incorporating healthcare technology providers would be an effective solution.

Invest in a warehouse or inventory management system within a simple graphic user interface (GUI). A powerful data management system will be not only constantly updated, but also easy-to-use across mobile platforms and in-house terminals.

This way, healthcare professionals can have immediate access to exact inventory numbers and current budget allotments.


It’s no surprise that the Challenges in Healthcare has come a long way along with the continual growth of technology. From managing database to connecting patients and doctors across the globe through mobile apps, healthcare technology constantly shows its effectiveness. With the incredible growth and development seen in recent years, the future is expected to look even brighter!

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