Everyone who has played the game League of Legends is probably familiar with the origins of the game itself. What’s slightly less well known are all the little subtle details that make the game what it is today.  Seeing as how this is the age of the internet it’s no wonder that online shops exist like AussyElo, where players can buy a level 30 account in minutes. AussyElo provides LoL Smurf accounts to those who wish to avoid the mundane task of leveling (also called grinding) your character up from zero. Let’s have some fun now and check out your level of League of Legends Knowledge starting with some not so well known facts.

  1. LOL gained Its Inspirational Source from War-Craft 3: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients.
  1. LOL references a 14th century Italian Knight Fiore dei Liberi who had a wide influence on the martial arts world at that time. His manuscripts have survived for 600 years. Fiora a character in the game has a very similar name and uses the fencing style of the knight from ancient Italy.
  1. There is an uncanny resemblance between Tristana’s buster shot and the blue action hero Mega Man’s buster shot! The homage to the little blue guy you might have heard of before is definitely noticeable.
  1. The Ice Witch Lissandra will give you a cool bonus if you stick around after the Howling Abyss victory. Just be patient for about half a minute for the frosty aristocratic accent to work its magic.
  1. Aatrox was inspired by fusing two of the fictional characters from Lord of the Rings together. The Balrog who was a giant beast under the earth and also the dark lord Sauron himself.
  1. You Can Give Poro A Black Moustach as if those little adorable creatures aren’t cute enough! Now you can laugh at its poofy glory simply by feeding it some Poro-snacks. Playing as Braum is required for this to work, but will most likely produce a hearty chuckle!
  1. Korean Players have won more than 5.5 million dollars from competitions. America hasn’t even come close to that number of earnings with Korea beating them by more than triple!
  1. League of Legends Is the number 2 highest paying competitive sport in esports history. With almost $20 million awarded over the years, even the original star craft and counterstrike awarded combined can’t touch that!
  1. The Actress Karen Strassman performs five voices of characters in the game! The characters of Zyra, Cassiopeia, Fiora, Shyvan, and Elise are all voiced by the same talented actress who has also worked on such great games as Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo, and Code Geass.
  1. One of the game’s most iconic players HotshotGG dropped out of college to pursue a career playing LOL professionally! While it’s not a guarantee that dropping out school will land every amazing player a source of income like this, it sure works for George Georgallidis.

There’s an endless list of more and more cool facts coming out every day about LOL! Make sure you check out all the amazing Easter eggs you may have missed! Sometimes the best way to discover new and fun things is to get back to it and keep exploring! Have fun out there gamers!