For any content creator, SEO is a crucial part. Even though most SEO tools and strategies remain the same. But there are certain ways you can optimize your blogging articles in order to rank them higher on the search engines.

The SEO algorithms are very unpredictable and highly volatile in nature. If you don’t use SEO even for one month, it will make your online content out of date.

With each year or couple of months, Google keeps on updating its SEO requirements. So, for this year as well, Google has certain SEO trends that will help you rank your articles higher on the search engine result page.

Top SEO Trends to Rank Your Website In 2022

  1. User Intent

User or search intent is the main intent because a particular keyword is searched on the search engines. The reason behind the search is very important to pick particular keywords.

Through various SEO tools, you can pick the exact keywords that are ranking or ranking in the search engine. Google always rank the websites that best suit the user intent. This is the reason why your page should meet the search intent of the users in order to rank.

There are mainly four types of user intent, and they are

  • Informational Intent.
  • Navigational Intent.
  • Transactional Intent.
  • Commercial Investigation.
  1. Automation

Just as the term suggests, SEO automation means to automate certain repetitive work on the website. This would properly optimize and enhance your website, whether they are on Facebook ads or google ads.

Automation also brings a level of consistency to your daily workflow. If you are campaigning for Digital Marketing or even Social media marketing, automation helps to fast-track the process. The usage of artificial intelligence to optimize daily tedious jobs are a way to increase efficiency.

  1. Sustainability 

SEO optimization is becoming one of the biggest digital marketing or social media marketing platform, and it is here to stay. And is considered that SEO is highly sustainable for the following reasons.

  • It works great to rank your content online.
  • It is in high demand.
  • SEO is highly cost-effective.
  • It definitely provides an ROI.
  • It provides accurate search results.
  1. Index Now

There is a reason why Google puts a lot of stress on website indexing. Indexing helps Google to notice your website and give it a boost on the search pages.

Google uses web crawlers to go through your website and locate the important pages and content. Then they will rank those content or pages.

Here are a few factors that help to index your website.

  • Be very regular with your content upload.
  • You need to set up Google Analytics & Google Search console as well.
  • You can add a sitemap.
  • You can even share your site links through other websites.
  1. E-A-T

E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and lastly, Trustworthiness. This EAT is the factor through which Google evaluates the quality of a website or webpage. These are the reasons Google put forth to quality check a website or webpage.

  • Expertise, Authoritativeness and also Trustworthiness.
  • The actual purpose of the website or page (is there any benefit to it?).
  • The main quality of the content and the amount.
  • To gather more information about the website and the creator.
  • The reputation of the website, along with the main creator.

How does Google verify the E.A.T of a website? What are the criteria to verify them?

  • Does the creator have any expertise in the main contents of the website?
  • The creator needs to have authority over the main contents of the website and also the website itself.
  • The website needs to be trustworthy for the audience. To do that, the creator needs to be trustworthy.
  1. Mobile Friendly

If a website is mobile-friendly, then it is a big factor in ranking higher in the search results. They tend to attract more traction than just desktop sites.

People use their phones more than they use their desktops, so making a website mobile-friendly is a huge boost for its ranking. Navigation is a big factor for Google to rank a website; if the audience can’t find it, then the ranking falls.

So, it is always a smart decision to make a website mobile-friendly so that people can navigate it anywhere, anytime.

  1. Images & Visual Content

The best way to rank your article higher on the search engine result page is to give images and videos. If you give really great quality pictures and videos to your content, then also the chances are high that it will rank higher.

There are certain blogs and websites that focus on lifestyle and fashion, for those pictures and videos are more important. Most of the time, these websites rank on the search engines due to the pictures or videos.

If you mean to upload pictures and videos for your website, make sure they are of great quality and unique. Your pictures need to stand out from your competitors, so try to make them unique in execution. You can even utilize the free themes available on certain SEO systems.

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SEO optimization is a big part of digital marketing and is required for any social media platform. Through a properly optimized SEO, you can guide your audience through the marketing funnel

If you are good at SEO optimization, then you can offer your services as side hustle ideas. You can even help clients using google chrome helper or chrome task manager.

SEO is a very important tool that you need to learn to stay ahead of your competition and rank your websites higher. Certain SEO trends keep on updating Google for proper optimization of the search engine. You always need to track down the recent trends and requirements of your website.

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