Whilst it may seem obvious to computer users that anti-virus protection is essential, users of android systems, or even Mac’s often do not see the importance. The truth is that all systems are vulnerable to malicious attacks, whilst Windows has a higher profile, and therefore, is more at risk, any system can, and is attacked.Best Anti-Virus Programs in 2015

There are many free products available on the market; the question is really whether it is worth paying for the protection. It is generally agreed that the free versions available for Mac and Android users is more than adequate for the job, but the free versions for Windows miss important elements.

There are generally three levels of anti-virus software, each level adds additional protection, at an additional cost. Whilst the top tier is the best, it is not necessary for every user to have this; it depends upon what you use your computer for and what you store on it. Massive corporations and important enterprises for example, need the best business IT support they can get to keep their information and customers protected. Here are the best antivirus programs you can buy/download on your PC for 2015.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015

This product has an excellently designed user interface, paired with an excellent degree of malware protection, most importantly performance on your computer will hardly be affected whilst a scan is in progress. For severely infected systems, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus has a rescue partition to help recover and restore your data safely; it also features a hardened web browser to improve security when shopping.

Norton Security

Possibly one of the most well known names in the industry, Norton has been producing protection products for many years. This offering provides an intermediate level of protection, like Bitdefender it has an easy to use interface; this is combined with excellent anti-malware solutions. The system allows you to protect up to five devices – even android products. The Norton Security software will even analyse suspicious traits and identify malware threats early. For a little extra, you are able to add secure internet storage to back up your files on line – in case the worst should happen.

Bitdefender Total security 2015

Bitdefender Total security 2015 is a top of the range product offering an excellent record in malware protection and several addition features, such as, firewall, spam blocker, parental controls, file encryption and even cloud storage. On top of all, it offers an antitheft feature for laptops and a one-click optimiser to speed up your laptop! Again, the interface is easy to use and performance is hardly affected whilst scanning.

Avira Free Antivirus

As mentioned, free antivirus products do not offer the same level of protection as paid packages, but the Avira Free Antivirus prides itself with some pretty excellent capabilities. It detects the majority of malware, in most cases as good as the paid for ones. It also comes with a scan scheduler and child protection controls. The interface is not as easy to use as the above paid products, the manual scan function can be particularly hard to find, but it is very easy to download.

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

As Apple’s share of the market has grown, so has the level of attacks on Mac operating systems. This product from Sophos offers very good malware protection, malicious link protection and scheduled scans, all with an easy to use interface. The product is free and, therefore, there is no reason for any Mac user not to download it.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

Every android device should have protection and Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus promises to keep all your data and important information safe. The program is either free, and is as good as many paid offerings, or paid. It offers everything you could need from an anti-virus program even a customizable blacklist and options for rooted phones. The product is literally all encompassing and would be too much to deal with if it were not for the excellent, user friendly, interface.

Companies are now more vulnerable than ever. International hackers are skilled and they can take a website down in a matter of minutes. Can you afford to take such a huge risk? Of course not; that’s why you need the best anti-virus programs to keep all your gadgets and devices safe, not just your computer.