I am not praising anyone here, but to breach the CIA web site is just one more notch in this hacker group’s belt. It amazes me that they have breached so many well known companies. The Lulz group certainly provided enough evidence that they’re capable of anything when it comes to online breaches. You would think that the CIA would have stepped up their security to prevent any more attacks. I guess the CIA just thought they were untouchable, NOT!Lulz Takes Down CIA

Security analysts have downplayed the significance of these attacks, saying the hackers are just looking to show off and get as much attention as possible.

Huh? Attention? Please, are you just in denial pocket protector?

This group is far from done in my opinion and if it’s just for attention, they should be getting a lot of it as the press has provided enough noise that even Anthony Weiner is now taking a back seat.

Lulz, whose members are strewn across the globe, announced the attack shortly before 6 p.m. East Coast time.

Who’s next?

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