I can’t believe how time passes so fast. I can recall my first Walkman I purchased back when I was 19 which was in 1981. Though the Walkman was an amazing step for Technology compared to the old boom boxes everyone used to lug around. The Walkman played cassettes and it used 4 batteries to play.sony-walkman

Technology has rocketed in the last 30 years as the Walkman has evolved. Sony has sold 385 million Walkman machines worldwide in 30 years as it evolved from playing cassettes to compact disks then minidisks — a smaller version of the CD — and finally digital files. Apple has sold more than 210 million iPod machines worldwide in eight years.

I remember the first cassette that I purchased from Sam Goody was Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti. I played that tape until it stretched. I know many of us used the pen to fix loose tape rewinds, but hey we were innovative and some what creative. It definitely beat 8-Tracks.

The original Walkman was as big as a paperback book, and weighed 390 grams (14 ounces). It wasn’t cheap, especially for those days, costing $340. You can get a Laptop for the money.

Happy Birthday Sony Walkman!

When did you buy your first Walkman? What was the first cassette you purchased?