One of the highlights is Sony’s new line of OLED TVs. They’re paper thin, absolutely stunning, and very expensive. The picture is flawless and crystal clear like no other flat screen in the market.

OLED televisions may not be affordable for the family home television, but the technology has come quite a long way and for videophiles this is an evolution in TV technology. Though the technology is still on the expensive side for the average consumer, Sony showed its continued support by unveiling a new line of paper-thin OLED TVs.


Outstanding Contrast:

Though they sport a separate HDMI receiver, likely a by-product of the jaw-dropping thin design, the sets themselves boast both stunning picture displays and a sharp design aesthetic.

Color Reproduction:

Sony’s unique Super Top Emission technology intensifies brightness and efficiency while Sony color filters and a special micro-cavity structure enhance color purity to reproduce as much as 105 percent of the NTSC color space.

Price: $2,499.99

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