If you were a Honeymooners fan back in the day, you can relate to this article. The very first episode called “TV or Not TV” dated October 1, 1955, Ralph and Norton buy a TV together. The only reason this joint venture happened in the first place, was because Edward Norton couldn’t afford to buy a new TV.

The funny part of this episode is when Alice (Ralph’s wife) calls him cheap because Ralph won’t buy them a TV and the Norton’s are on their second set. Ralph explains that it’s not because he is cheap, but because he is waiting for 3D TV!

Check out the episode below : Turn up the volume!

Ralph Kramden’s life-long dream is to be rich and he has come up with countless schemes to help him achieve his goals. These include:

Pills that turn water into gasoline, Phony stock in oil and oil wells, A hot dog stand, Goat gland vitamins, Used tire sales, Furniture polish, Plastic shoehorns, Rug shampooing, Uranium field in Asbury Park, Glow in the dark shoe polish, Phony hair restorer, Managing a boxer, Buying a hotel in NJ, No-cal pizza, Phony gold stock
Digging for Capt. Kidd’s treasure on Long Island, Campaign to make Secaucus, NJ a honeymooners’ paradise, A handy housewife helper tool and A Mystery appetizer.

My favorite episodes were TV or Not TV and A Mystery appetizer.

This is when TV was great!