4G Wireless, short for “fourth-generation wireless,” refers to increased Internet connection speeds and is a technological innovation in mobile communications. Wireless Internet has made 4G (and even 3G) possible because of its mobility: now, any individual can carry his or her Internet on the go. You can have Internet everywhere you go, instead of just at home. Police Vehicles Equipped with iPadThe iPhone and iPad have popularized the idea of portable Internet access.

However, innovations in video surveillance are on the rise; and when it comes to iPad technology, the increased video surveillance streaming is a nice addition to the iPad’s long list of crime-fighting capacities. Special police vehicles are being built that come wired to stream real time in the backs of their trunks.

A policeman could have his or her vehicle parked anywhere on the side of the road, or even cross through a traffic light—and take a picture of someone who is not wearing his or her seat belt. Policemen could get the license plate numbers, etc., for those detected as committing crimes on surveillance, even if they are off the clock and driving around to enjoy a night on the town with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. Now, they can be both on the job and off the job, all at the same time.

What are the benefits of police vehicles that come with iPad video surveillance technology? One benefit is that policemen can now catch lawbreakers without having to chase down their cars. Traffic light cameras are a somewhat new technological innovation that detects speeding vehicles and snaps pictures of vehicle license plates; however, police have never detected drivers or passengers who do not wear their seat belts. iPad video surveillance shows lawbreakers that they will be caught.

The old speed tactic used to avoid a traffic ticket in the past (for example) no longer suffices. Another benefit of the video surveillance is that a policeman does not have to remain awake at all times to catch lawbreakers, nor stand guard every second to do so. A policeman can go on his lunch break and not worry about how many speeding drivers will escape his eye. He can sit and have a one-hour conversation without worry and let the video surveillance do its job.

Moreover, the iPad video surveillance installed in police vehicles can lead to all sorts of arrests and crime prevention. If video surveillance presents any encounter between two individuals as somewhat heated, a police officer can monitor the situation and see if it escalates into something more. That way, should the encounter take a wrong turn; a policeman can be on the case the first second it takes place. Criminals and lawbreakers will start to see law enforcement as powerful because of crime-fighting technology and be deterred from committing crimes so overtly.

Technology has had its wrong uses throughout the last twelve years of the twenty-first century. Criminals have used police detection scanner applications to know when the police were on their trail—so they could escape quickly. Others use technology simply to find out the latest gossip or newest rumor story to pass around in the neighborhood. Some community citizens like the latest gossip and find that technology provides material to feed their gossip habits. However, technology does have its positive uses, and iPad video surveillance just might rank at the top of the class.

The Article is contributed by John Smith; John is fanatical about latest technology like gadgets, cars, computer and IT which makes him a devoted writer.