Mac machines are engulfed with so many advanced and interactive features that today almost all of us want to owe it. Out of its various user friendly features, one of the most appreciated one is ‘Finder’ option. Finder is used to organize almost everything on Mac, including management of all the files and folders, deletion of the stuff which we don’t want, confirmation before deletion, search for anything stored anywhere on our Mac, and many more. However, at times while dragging a file to trash or deleting it from Mac, Finder doesn’t ask for confirmation rather it simply deletes that file. Most of the times this situation leads to permanent deletion of file from Mac and to overcome such loss, we have to look for some reliable Mac file recovery software.Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Let us understand how malfunctioning of “Finder” option leads to permanent deletion of precious data. Suppose, you have deleted a folder which you thought was not containing some very important files from your Mac; but after deletion you realized that it was containing one important doc file. However, you were not too stressed as you had hoped to have the deleted folder in trash. But, to your dismay, that folder was not there in the trash even, which means it was deleted completely from your machine. Since, you needed the doc file badly thus, this situation calls for reliable Mac data recovery software.


The possible causes for this unexpected behavior of ‘Finder’ option are:

  • If there is no time machine running in your system and the deleted folder is too large in size then there are chances of permanent deletion without confirmation.
  • When the ‘Finder’ is corrupt.
  • If the ‘Finder’ set not to warn before deletion.


Whatever, be the cause, the resultant is you have lost your precious file however, you can easily overcome the loss, if you have backup of your data. In the absence of backup, opting for third-party software to recover Mac files is recommended. These third-party tools use efficient mechanism to search for the deleted files and restore your data. Due to the simple user interface of these tools recovering deleted files and folders is not at all a difficult task.

One of the most reliable and authentic tool for this category is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. The software recovers all your lost, deleted, or formatted docs, photos, audios, videos, emails, and many more and is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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