There’s a Facebook scam that’s getting very viral which claims to offer free tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. The scam is targeting teenagers to sign up to expensive premium rate mobile phone service.

The message appearing on Facebook reads: “WOW! Justin Bieber Is Giving Away Free Concert Tickets Now!

Free Bieber Concert Tickets Scam

This scam targets teens who adore the popular Justin Bieber and in most cases these teens will be willing to hand over any information to get their mitts on a pair of Justin Bieber tickets.

Parents and teens should ignore any message in the form of free tickets for Justin Bieber.

Scammers use these tactics often, but if a user falls for this so-called free Justin Bieber concert tickets, they are actually giving permission for a rogue application to post updates to their Facebook wall and status. The messages claim that the Facebook user “has just snagged 4 free tickets to see Justin Bieber!”

This rogue application has the potential in making these messages go viral in a big way. The scammers can also reuse this rogue application for other offers which could send users to malicious websites.

It’s a real shame when these scammers target young people. These crooks need to be stopped and prosecuted.

Facebook will probably remove this scam, but scammers will come up with another way to lure in victims for profit.

The current link is no longer available.

This story was first reported by Graham Cluley at Sophos.