The luck of the Irish is here and today is a special celebration for all our Irish friends. I see everything painted in green, but the green I am talking about is more along the lines of green energy.

How can we all protect this precious place we call earth? There are a couple technology changes and decisions we can apply that can help reduce our environmental impact.

How to be greener

  1. Plasma TVs use more power than LCD TVs. It is best to purchase LCD or LED TV’s. LED’s are more efficient general, and you have the option to turn down either the entire backlight or independent sections, both of which save power.
  2. Laptops offer a range of power and battery options, but what is best? The best way to be more responsible energy wise is to set the following recommended options.
    1. In Windows XP go to the Control Panel and select “Power Options”.
    2. Click on the Power Schemes tab.
    3. See the recommended settings in the image below.

Power Schemes

Laptops are the most popular of all electronic devices and with a few tweaks to your power settings you can conserve energy. If you have Windows 7, you can apply the same settings as well.

Happy St Patrick’s Day and we should all be a little greener today.

Fact: Saint Patrick was actually born in Scotland which would make him Scottish. He is still the Patron Saint of Ireland regardless where he was born.

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