From marketing to sales to finance, it is all about crunching those numbers and getting your product sales in huge quantities. In 2020, Artificial Intelligence services have become synonymous with forward-thinking. Companies are putting a lot of their resources trying to embed AI in their company’s business plan. Today, we are going to find out how AI helps to increase the efficiency of your sales team and help them crack the deal.

The Healthy Relation of AI and Sales

One of the most time consuming and cumbersome processes is the lead generation for the sales teams. In research, it has been found that 80% of the time spent by the sales teams is to qualify the leads, and the remaining 20% is used to close the deals. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a company can flip these percentages around, as it will take the burden of filtering out the qualifying leads away. By taking the dynamic information and multifaceted analysis to give your sales team a complete and real-time picture of a lead.

Given below are the methods which can help your sales team to reach their targets in a much shorter time using Artificial Intelligence solutions:

  • Sales Forecasting to Compile the Data

Your representative will have a much better chance to close the sale if they know what the current customer is more interested in buying. This can be based on several factors, such as the customer’s buying history.

AI will compile the data which your company gives and find out the things which interest the customer in real-time as your salesperson is talking to them. As a result, it will help make a better decision over time and find the right product for each customer.

  • Managing Team Performance

Sales need to be updated with the latest trends that are in the market. The giants like Amazon, Nike, Adidas, etc. use AI to sharpen their sales tactics. AI will assist your salesperson and tell them how to carry conversations with individual customers by analyzing their current and past interactions.

  • Find Out Strategic Contacts

If you ask any successful sales rep, what’s the key factor in closing a sale? The answer will be a warm introduction. We don’t think about it as a thing that can play a vital role during the conversation.

In reality, a great introduction at the very start of the conversation will help build a fruitful and beautiful relationship. With Artificial Intelligence development, you can find such colleagues of yours and can get a reference on the person you are about to call. Thus, giving you a heads-up before the call.

  • Helps You Find Out Hot Leads

We all want to increase our sales number, but the main problem is, finding the right time to sell the right thing to the right person could be a bit difficult. But, with Artificial Intelligence solution providers, companies are now enabled to find out the leads in their pipeline that require immediate attention. These opportunities are well tracked and have a higher chance of becoming a successful closed down.


In 2020, we are still 34% of the total sales market using the AI to back their sales team with intelligence. But, from that 34%, more than 90% of the users claim to have a better sales percentage then they used to have before. When integrated with company CRM, AI is the most effective way to boost the production of sales teams around the world. AI is the future of sales, and its high time companies should start incorporating AI in their CRMs to make their sales teamwork at their full potential.

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