Smart home systems are becoming more and more available and we are starting to see them much more in use. In this article I will talk about how to integrate your home entertainment into your smart control system.

Smart TV

A Smart TV is probably the most common feature in a home theater system and one that’s become increasingly popular in recent years.

In order to get the most efficient and convenient home-viewing TV experience, an investment in a Smart TV for your home theater will be the best option.

Smart TVs allow you to directly stream TV programmes and movies directly onto your TV from the Internet and they’re a great way of incorporating your home theater into your smart home.

As long as all the features are compatible then you should find yourself having an incredible home theater experience.

Lighting control

The lighting of any room can either make or break the atmosphere; too bright and you’ll find yourself dazzled but lighting that is too dark could lead to a more sombre environment.

With a smart home lighting control, you’ll be able to adjust the lighting according to your needs whenever you’re using your home theater system by the simple click of a button.

There are features that you can use to control the lighting in the entirety of your house, whenever you leave the house for example, you may set the lights to turn off automatically.

A great advantage of getting the best home theater system for your home is that you’ll be able to control the exact viewing conditions that you want, whenever you want. This applies to the lighting of a room too.

A further advantage of finding a home theater system that works with your smart home is that it allows you to control and monitor your energy levels.

Automatic lights triggered using lighting controls can help to save electricity and energy, thus saving you money in the long run.


Multi-room home theater systems are great because they allow you to enjoy your home theater in any room in the house.

This is a great piece of technology and equipment as you can control the TV and home theater setup from any room in your house.

Audio sources can also be set up in the same way as video entertainment and you can enjoy audio devices from anywhere in your home.

If you’re making your way through your home and don’t want to miss a single bit of a song for example, you can set up your home entertainment to ensure that the music ‘follows’ you through the house.

The essential basic concept of ‘smart’ home technology is that it’s wireless, which means you could use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to play music through the speakers throughout your home.

Smart remote

A smart remote that comes with your smart home technology will usually be in the form of your smartphone; so, it’s one less piece of kit that you must remember and learn to use!

The smart remote on your phone will allow you to do a plethora of different things, ranging from controlling your music, TV and even lighting and security systems.

Some smart home technology has advanced even further than that of a wireless smartphone connection.

Some technologies allow you to control your home theater device by using smart controllers that use infrared sensors to read your body language.

This technology is advanced and unique so your home theater system may just have the technology that allows you to use a smart remote to control your devices.

If you’re on the lookout for a home theater system that works with your smart home, then you should be prepared to undertake a lot of research to ensure you get the best one on the market.

A number of features of a home theater system can be enjoyed with your smart home, including Smart TV, lighting controls and Audio devices.

Once connected to your home theater, you’ll be able to enjoy playing with them and using them via your smart home equipment; thus, giving you a much better and more enhanced technological experience.