First it was the financial industry, and now the Detroit automakers are waiting on relief from the government. What’s next? What about those retail businesses that have been operating since the depression, are we to say they don’t matter?

What about one of the the major retailers that our grandparents shopped at for many years and now we are following that same loyalty or are we? Retailers like Sears have been in business when my grandparents were teenagers and I can remember when my dad would only buy Craftsman tools and Diehard batteries. My dad always told me that you get what you pay for and the Sears brand has always been good to him.

Has the government challenged the auto industry? This business sector has been operating in the red for a long time and has not proven that they could turn it around and show progress. I think the government needs to help the automakers, but at what cost?

We need to focus and assist the major retailers who employ hundreds of thousands of people. This could have a greater impact on our economy if we ignore this business sector.

Detroit automakers got public reassurance Monday from President George W. Bush that short-term government help for the industry is in the works and could come soon.

“An abrupt bankruptcy for autos could be devastating for the economy,” Bush told reporters aboard Air Force One during an unannounced trip to Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Like I said earlier there are other business sectors that could have a greater impact on the economy. We all need to do our part by supporting our local retailers like Sears/Kmart.

What are your thoughts?