We all know by now that we need to keep our internet security in high regard by doing the following; Keeping our operating systems and security programs updated. These are the prerequisites in keeping your computer and private information protected.

Unfortunately, you will need more than just a security program to keep you out of harm’s way from drive-by attacks and exploits.

Here’s a bit of advice that will provide even more security and keep you safe online. There’s a Firefox add-on called NoScript, which lets you control which websites can and cannot run JavaScript in the browser.

JavaScript is very popular, because it works in almost all browsers, and it makes the Web a lot more dynamic. There are many ecommerce websites that use JavaScript, but so do the cyber criminals. These bad guys use JavaScript to trick your browser more easily into doing something that it shouldn’t.

Cyber Criminals will add JavaScript to malicious WebPages with the intent to harm and steal personal information from users. To avoid such attacks, download and install the free Firefox add-on called NoScript. This add-on will prevent rogue antivirus programs or online attacks from popping up when you visit a website.

I recommend blocking every website and building a whitelist of trusted sites using NoScript. This is time consuming, but well worth it if you want to stay protected from any wrong doing. By doing this, you can derail most of the so-called web drive-by attacks that currently plague the Internet.

To add a website to your whitelist, go to options located in the bottom toolbar of your browser and select “Allow all this page“. See image below. You may have to select “Allow all this page” a couple of times in order to unblock everything or you can see what elements are blocked and unblock them in the options menu individually.


Don’t only take my word for it, but even top security experts agree that Firefox is really safer with NoScript!

Surf safe!

Learn more about NoScript.

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