Have you ever accidentally formatted, erased or lost data from your desktop or laptop? If so, then you must understand the frustration and panic such an incident causes. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that is developed to ease your pain. It has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use.

You can recover files of different types ranging from images, emails, mp4 files and much more. The data recovery software is free of any costs and is compatible to multiple platforms. We have listed down the key benefits and usage of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to provide you with better insight into the software. Briefly, there are three steps to utilizing this free recovery software.

Installation and Launch

To run the software, you will simply need to install the .exe file. The installation wizard will guide you through the simplified steps and within minutes you would have installed the free data recovery software. The software has a clean interface with icons at the top corner for specific features or commands. An average user can easily customize the software as per their requirements.


After launching the free data recovery software, choose the type of file you want to recover from the homepage. Next, you will asked to choose the drive where you want to perform the scan. Therefore choose the appropriate drive or folder accordingly. EaseUS restricts your choice of scan to a single folder or drive only.

You can perform two types of scans with EaseUS Data Recovery Software; Deep and Quick Scan. Quick scan takes relatively less time but will provide limited results. Deep Scan does a more thorough scanning of the targeted location. You can “Export Scan Status” to save your scanned results for later use.

Restoring of files

After searching for the necessary files, simply select the particular files and click onto the restore option. You can select all files as well to restore. The free data recovery software does provide quality features for potential customers. However, purchasing the complete software will unlock multiple other beneficial features.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The data recovery software makes disk images for quick for quick file recovery. You can recover data from different types of gadgets including hard drives, laptops, digital devices, desktops and many others. You can basically use the software for following benefits.

  • Memory Card Data Recovery
  • USB Drive Data Recovery
  • PC Data Recovery
  • Other Digital Devices Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery is a data recovery software free of any expenses or technicalities. It’s designed to adhere to different potential loss situations and provide you a complete solution to the problem. Therefore if you ever lose some form of data, firstly don’t panic. Don’t simply format the hard drive as you can potentially lose your data permanently.

Simply install EaseUS Data Recovery software for free and address all your recovery issues. EaseUS Data Recovery stands out from its potential competitors as the software is user-friendly, enriched with features and highly compatible.