To install an application on a system, your physical presence is required as you’ll need to go through certain wizard based steps and complete necessary steps before using that application. However, using modern technology and tools, IT administrators and managers can now install as many applications as they want from a remote location over a networked PC.

All you need is certain number of PCs where you want to install the application. Just make sure that all the desired PCs were connected over a network and are in healthy state. Secondly, you’ll need to download installation repackaging tools which can automatically create/convert traditional setup files (.EXE) into Microsoft Installer packages (.MSI).

The best thing is, you won’t need a user or any access to the targeted/client PC. A silent installation will automatically begin the initial installation steps as soon as the MSI packages are created by the remote deploying tool. EMCO MSI Package Builder is one such tool which carries all the capability and powerful features that you’ll need in a successful deployment task. This tool is already tested on various environments and ensures the healthy installation of applications as it first goes through the file system and registry consistency check.

Get the App

The tool is developed by EMCO Software and available to download from its official website at You can choose any of the available versions of this software i.e. Professional or Enterprise editions, depending upon your needs. It can be used to create MSI packages for typical setup files and supports all the latest Windows OS including Windows 8, and also Win 7, Vista & XP.

As per the minimum system requirements stated on the software installation manual, you’ll just need the basic resources to run this program such as 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB of Hard Disk Space, P4 or higher processor.

The Interface

This tool offers intuitive wizard based MSI package creation methods as well as manual creation is also available, if you’re pretty advanced in playing with MSI package customizations.  An easy to understand and self-explanatory wizards will lets you create, maintain and distribute packages over a numbers of PCs in any small or large enterprises.


Working Overview

EMCO MSI Package Builder is packed with many hidden features and most users may not be aware of. For example, you can edit or modify the existing installation/s for repackaging and later perform an installation on a different PC other than source one without actually needing the original setup files.

Visual MSI editor is also available to manually create MSI packages by filling various parameters. Although, this method is only recommended to professionals to avoid any system issues or making the targeted PC unbootable.


EMCO software recently released V5.0 of MSI Package Builder tool which offers even more capability and advanced features. However, I can’t stop myself from writing a few features that I like most about this software, such as:

Modernized Interface: The software has been overhauled as compare to its previous version and offers a very nice look & feel. The options and file menus were clearly visible as well as the main screen that includes all the primary actions you may need.

Live Monitoring Tools gets rephrased: Live monitoring tool is used to check the file system and registry changes for consistency, now carries an even higher success rate and increases the overall chances of successful remote application deployments.

Intellectual assistant is also built into the system to check and report errors as well as provide a handful of steps to resolve them instantly.

Support for Multiple Application Deployments: You can now silently deploy application(s) ranging from one to many using its uniquely created and first of its kind technology called: wrapping. Add one or more applications while creating packages and silently install them onto the targeted PC one by one.

Note: The original setup files for the intended application need to support silent installations.

More information about the application features is available online: learn how to build and MSI package and how to convert an EXE to an MSI on EMCO’s website.

The Positive Side

Unmatched speed and unique sets of features make this software a winner over the competitors. Newly built features like Wrapping, cool user interface and easy accessibility to all the main actions at one place will never cause you to feel confused.

You can still explore and test it out on your PC completely free (offers 30 days free trail). If you like it, you can purchase the software at your convenience.

The Dark Side

As far as my knowledge is concerned and testing results produced by the software, I’m not comfortable yet to state any drawbacks at this point, but so far, it looks good. However, one thing everyone should know is that manually creating MSI packages and filling the required parameters raises the risk for error.

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

This software makes remote deployment much easier and successful with tools like this one available for desktop support technicians, especially where you have a large number of PCs like hundreds or even thousands. There are other free and paid tools that can address your specific remote deployment needs. Though, EMCO MSI Package Builder contains many improvements that are feature rich and are better than the competitions in every aspect ranging from ease to features.