Have you ever thought why your Mac loses its performance after some time? Or are you looking for the reasons responsible for sluggish behavior of your Mac?

If you answered yes, then you are at right place! This article may help you understand basic reasons responsible for deteriorating performance of Mac and possible ways to speed up Mac. The probable reasons responsible for dipped performance of Mac are;Critical Reasons for Mac Slow Performance

  • Filled Up Desktop: One of the prominent reasons for slow performance of Mac is too many files and folders on its desktop.
  • Leftovers of Uninstalled Applications: When we uninstall an application or software, we think that we have deleted it completely from out machine. This is not true! There are times when some parts of these uninstalled applications are left on your machine, eating up memory space.
  • Dash Board Cluttered with Too Many Widgets: Another reason, which plays a major role in dipping down your Mac’s performance, is presence of too many widgets on dashboard.
  • Too Many Startup Items: Some applications or software automatically add themselves in the list of startup items. So whenever you start your machine, these items start and thus cause extra startup time.
  • Nearly Full Hard Disk: One of the probable reasons is almost full hard disk.
  • Filled Browser Cache, Too Many Log Files and Temporary Items: Filled browser cache and presence of large number of log files and temporary files are some other prominent reasons that slow down the speed of your Mac.
  • Unused/Unnecessary System Preferences: Sometimes you have so many unused system preferences pane. These unnecessary preference panes slow down your Mac.
  • Unused Applications are running: Since Mac gives you option to run too many applications at a time, at times some unnecessary applications also keep running on your system. These unused applications unnecessarily eat up memory space of your computer.
  • Unused Widgets and Plug-ins: Sometimes when we download an application, some unnecessary widgets or unused plug-ins also get downloaded with it. These unused items unnecessarily occupy the memory space of your Mac and thus decrease its performance.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of the slow performance of Mac is the use of third-party software. An award winning and reliable software for the same is Stellar SpeedUp Mac. The software efficiently frees up disk space by removing all unwanted files, cache, logs, system junks, etc. and enhances the performance of your machine. Some other advance features of this software are: easily understandable user interface, scheduler to perform various tasks automatically, and feature to work on secondary as well as boot volume.

Author Bio: Vishal is a technical writer who covers topic on Mac OS X. He keeps experimenting on his MacBook Pro and share useful information with Mac users. You can catch him on Facebook & Google + for more updates on OS X.