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KDE 4.6 Review

According to the KDE 4.6 road map, KDE 4.6 was released on January 26 of this year. I installed the plasma desktop and have about a week to play with KDE 4.6  and here is what I have found. I have included some KDE screenshots...

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Looks are Everything

You always hear how stable Linux is but one of the great things about Linux is how awesome you can make it look. With a 3D card and Compiz there is no end to the configurations you can make. Compiz has a lot of functionality in...

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Free DVR with MythTV

MythTV is a free Linux application which turns a computer with the necessary hardware into a network streaming digital video recorder, a digital multimedia home entertainment system, or Home Theater Personal Computer. It can be...

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TimeVault Backup for Linux

Time Vault is an open source free backup utility for Linux. Time Vault creates incremental backups of files that can be restored at a later date. Snapshots are copies of a directory at a certain time. Snapshots use very little...

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Linux to Xbox Media Share

Like most people I have a couple TVs in my house. One of the TVs has the Linux based MythBox on it and the other has the Xbox 360. Now I keep all my movies on the MythBox (all legal backups of course). I wanted to play these on...

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