How do you protect your business from cyber attacks? Most entrepreneur – whether newbies or experienced – don’t pay attention to online security, wrongfully assuming that nothing will ever happen to them. In the online environment, you should never take things for granted as you never know what might happen. On the premises that it’s better to be safe and sorry, we’ve laid out some guidelines to help you build the most beneficial cybersecurity portfolio for your business.

Develop a strategy

Technology has advanced tremendously over the last couple of decades. We love what our smartphones, laptops, and computers can do. But is it safe to use unprotected wi-fi networks? Is it enough to use simple passwords to keep our devices up to date? No it’s not. Savvy entrepreneurs know how harmful a DDoS attack can be. Your approach to building the best cybersecurity portfolio should adhere to the following 5 principles:

  • Identification – assess asset management, governance and risks.
  • Protection – maintenance, data security and access control
  • Detection – monitoring your data
  • Response – pay attention to mitigating, planning and communicating
  • Recovering – set up a recovery plan, and find ways to improve processes and systems

The structure mentioned above is meant to provide you with a basic idea of how your cybersecurity strategy should look like. When crafting a security portfolio, it’s best to match it with the exclusive demands of your business. Don’t make your portfolio too tech-centric, and make sure you understand what your business entails.


Before getting started, you should focus on assessing risks. Are you using high-impact apps? Its because if you are, you should organize them properly. Start by asking yourself what is the best approach, and work your way to settle on vital operations that support your apps.

Next, move on to building a solid security portfolio! Assess which apps have the highest chances of being attacked. Search for loopholes, and in case something happen, analyze how the attack occurred. Since there’s nothing you can do stop it, the best thing you can do is fix it.

Carry a cost-benefit assessment

Perform a thorough evaluation of the budget allotted to your business’s cybersecurity. Then move on to carry a cost benefit analysis. It’s very important that you understand what your securities capabilities are. You shouldn’t assume that your website or smart device will never be attacked. To prevent any sort of damage, experts advise business owners to invest in both response and recovery.

A cybersecurity portfolio shouldn’t be seen as a one-size-fits-all approach. Choose an antivirus or a software package suite that must be tailored following the needs and wants of your organization. Be patient and realistic; dedicate a fair amount of time to settling on a customized security portfolio.

Cybersecurity growth

Digital crimes that come as cyberattacks have surged over the past couple of years. We hear about ransomware and the famous crypto-worm known as “WannaCryeverywhere on the news. Doesn’t this mean you should take better care of your data? Hundreds of thousands of devices have already been affected, so there’s really no time to assume that nothing will ever happen to you.

Cyberattacks can cause irreparable damage to your business. Some viruses have the ability to steal sensitive information that belongs to your customers and clients. Since you can’t afford to let that happen, it’s better to take precautionary measures ahead of time.

We may not realize it, but we’re living in a cybercriminal underworld. Experts argue that in 2016, cybercrime led to worldwide economic losses worth $450 billion. In the US, more than hackers got their hands on more than 2 billion personal records. As estimated number of 30+ billion IoT devices will populate the world by 2020. By 2025, the number could exceed 75 billion.

Don’t you think it’s time to take security issues more seriously? A strong cybersecurity portfolio that features good security software and a competent antivirus program are fundamental. Check the best online reviews if you can’t decide on which option fits your company best; assess the pros and cons, and then make your pick. It is the only viable option you have to protect your business in today’s cybercriminal underworld!