Scammers are in full force during the holiday season trying to lure in customers to buy into their scams. It is important that you never reply to these offers as this will notify the scammer or online crooks that your email is active.Holiday Scams

The most popular scams are all about great deals, loans, and auctions.

In no particular order, here are the most popular scams circulating throughout the internet;

  • Loan Manager – Claiming to Deposit $1500 in Your Account Today
  • You’re Preapproved – Want Up To $2,500.00? You Prequalify!
  • Overstock Auction – Inventory Clearance on iPads, MacBooks, & more up to 90% Off
  • Cable TV Deals – High Speed plans starting at $19.99/MO. Bundles available
  • QuiBids – Discount Apple Macbook Pro for $23.46? Learn How Now!
  • Cyber Monday Deals – iPad Auctions $2.34 + Free shipping We’re dead serious

Many of these scams look legitimate as scammers re-purpose images and content to look like the real web sites. If you look at the URL (Web Address) you will notice that these links do not go to legitimate online businesses. At times, scammers will try to register domain names that are closely similar to the real online sites.

If you receive any of the emails with the subject lines indicated above, mark it as spam and delete it from your spam folder.

Almost all of the links in the emails go to web sites that have a bad reputation by the Web of Trust Community.

You may also receive notifications through Facebook and other social networks as well. Be extra careful this holiday season!